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Saaya *ing John Abraham, Tara Sharma, Mahima Chaudhary, Zohra Sehgal....
Director:Anurag Basu
Producer:Mahesh Bhatt
Music:M.M. Kreem, Anu Malik
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'Saaya' is Produced by Mahesh Bhatt, the movie carries a subject of dead spirit. 'Saaya' is a copy of hollywood flick, 'Dragonfly'. Anurag Basu is the director of this movie. The music is melodious. Cinematography and screenplay is impressive.

Coming to story, Aakash meets Maya and very soon they get married. Maya is a doctor with a mission and travels to dangerous parts of Nagaland to help the locals. As fate would have had it she has a bus accident and dies. Akash also a doctor, has a tuff time with coming to terms with the truth that his wife is dead. He is shown as a dis believer when it comes to the paranormal and is suffering great trauma. Soon he seems to find out that his wife is trying to connect to him through the children at the Hospital that they both worked in.


Tara Sharma though has a small role has acted well and she doesn't come across as someone who is just 2 films "young" in Bollywood. Her looks are very moldable for both an Indian and a Western "look", which today is a very positive trait to have in Bollywood. John Abraham convinces but his role is a shade to soft, and he keeps crying throughout, which at times is repetitive to the script. Mahima Choudhry plays, Tania Bhansal, an airhostess and close friend of Maya who helps Akash through his troubled mental state. Mahima has come back to the screen after a long time. Though her role is rather insignificant, she has tired to make an impact.

Music is the highlight of the film. Anu Malik and M M Kreem did a good job. John Abrahamís performance is another plus point. Tara Sharma gave a decent performance. Mahima Choudhary did a good job and looks ravishing as allways. Zohra Sehgal was excellent.